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Most Americans are already aware that the “smart home” revolution is making our homes more convenient and more accessible even when we’re not actually at home in San Francisco   Home automation has made it possible fo... Read More

Posted on Blog on July 13th, 2018


Our children are precious, and keeping them safe is one of the biggest priorities for any parent in San Francisco   But the fact is that when we send our kids off to school, the current climate in this country means that we all have j... Read More

Posted on Blog on July 6th, 2018


Business owners have plenty of things that they need to worry about  From their marketing strategy to their new hires, running a business isn't easy. But you also must pay attention to safety, and few things can be as dangerous as a fi... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 29th, 2018


Even though many of your prized possessions are inside your home, burglaries originate outside of the building. For example, a San Francisco homeowner thwarted a robbery thanks to their surveillance system.  Though this... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 22nd, 2018


Times have changed, and for our children, that isn't always a good thing. While we live in an age of many marvels, the fact is that school-related violence is a bigger threat than ever. And, sadly, simple locks and keys aren't enough to protect our c... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 15th, 2018


There is a general belief when living in a small town, security systems are not necessary     Small towns are often close-knit, with residents feeling they can trust one another. Many leave their doors and windows u... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 14th, 2018


Whether it's a home or a business, keeping your Northern California property protected is incredibly important for anyone. After all, safety for those who are present there as well as protection for your investment is vital. More than two million hom... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 7th, 2018


Businesses across the nation have struggled in their attempts to protect assets and keep employees safe for years. Many institutions chose to combat these things with CCTV systems of yesteryear. Of course, the equipment is tried and true, but the vi... Read More

Posted on Blog on June 1st, 2018


Thanks to the many different reality based police shows on television, most people know that security cameras help solve crimes. The devices are shown in a negative light because the captured video always seems to be grainy and somewhat hard to see. ... Read More

Posted on Blog on May 22nd, 2018


Students should feel safe while attending school, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Crimes can happen anytime and at any location. College campuses are not immune to these happenings, but luckily, universities across the nation have ins... Read More

Posted on Blog on May 18th, 2018