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Your home in ((, ((blog.state)) is a place where you want to feel that you and your family members are protected and safe. One of the best ways to do this by adding security measure to your home. Security cameras, for example, are one of t... Read More

Posted on Blog on November 13th, 2018


If you own or manage an apartment or condo complex in ((, ((blog.state)), then you already know you need to strike a balance between providing the conveniences that draw in more buyers or renters, and providing the security people need. Ha... Read More

Posted on Blog on November 7th, 2018


Buying a first home is something that can be exciting and rewarding. And as you move forward into your future, one step that may be considered at some point is to invest in properties that you can earn an income from. In particular, rental properties... Read More

Posted on JS Signature Blog on November 6th, 2018


Even when the end of the day rolls around and it is finally time to go home and relax, a business owner’s mind will never shut down, and they will constantly be thinking about and worrying about their business while they are away. One aspect of... Read More

Posted on Blog on November 1st, 2018


A growing trend has emerged in the modern security industry. More and more professionals are choosing to install dome cameras rather than traditional box models. There is nothing wrong with either style, and they each offer a host of different pros a... Read More

Posted on Blog on October 12th, 2018


The world can be a scary, dark place at times. So much so, that people don't always feel safe and secure in their homes or offices. Not everyone can afford to post an armed guard at their entryway, so home and business owners must think outside of th... Read More

Posted on Blog on October 4th, 2018


Areas with inadequate lighting can be a surveillance camera installers worst nightmare. In the past, a person would fill the location with infrared light, and with any luck, adequate black and white images would be captured by the cam. Thankfully, ad... Read More

Posted on Blog on September 27th, 2018


There is something to be said for living with peace of mind -- knowing that your loved ones and prized possessions are safe in ((, ((blog.state)). One way to assure safety to both your home and business is to consider installing IP securit... Read More

Posted on Blog on September 19th, 2018


Are you a small business owner in ((, ((blog.state)) who would like to keep an eye on your business when you are away from your premises? Would you like to be able to monitor your employees when you cannot be on the floor overseeing their ... Read More

Posted on Blog on September 12th, 2018


Did you know that taking pictures and video of things that are in plain view from public spaces is legal? It’s not only legal, it’s a constitutional right. Video surveillance in the office is a bit different than video recording in public... Read More

Posted on Blog on August 23rd, 2018