#1: Updating your content from outside the cloud can be cumbersome and slow. Often updates require large file transfers that slow and clog your office Internet access. This interfers with your important office applications and services. #2: As an In... Read More

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8 Ways to get back on track after the holidays: So you have not been on your best behavior for the last few weeks…well leave that in the past and do not continue in that same pattern! Get it back together and back on track! Remember that prog... Read More

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Router port settings Today's Ethernet chips Auto sync with too many variables. It's best to turn Auto OFF and fix the port facing Fiber Internet Center (FIC) to 100 Full Duplex. With different manufacturers of chips there is no RFC they follow to d... Read More

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7 Ways To Dominate Your fat-loss resolutions and sticking to them!! If you are new to the RevolutioniZe program or if you have been here for months but have fallen off a little it is time to get back on track! First things first if you start a progr... Read More

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10 Things You Actually Need to Bring To The Gym (or last minute gift ideas) Advertisements, especially on social media, lead us to believe that we need all of the latest gadgets and supplements in order to get a good workout in or lose fat efficientl... Read More

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Geothermal heating sounds almost like it is something out of science fiction: tapping into the unseen power beneath the surface of world, harnessing it for our use. And yet, that technology exists today. Geothermal heating is a reality and offers a... Read More

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About SGM & AssociatesImmigration Law Firm Based in Oxnard, CASGM & Associates is a full-service immigration law firm with our principal office located in Oxnard, California. We have a talented roster of legal professionals and serve a divers... Read More

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5 Tips To Keep The Fat Off On Vacation     The winter months are a particularly common time of year for vacations.  Vacation is a great time to destress and unwind, but it can also be a time filled with unhealthy eating & drinking ... Read More

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It is December. The month that my heart just about explodes with love for friends and family and memories past and present: Putting up the Dickens Village with my daughter and trimming the tree. Finding that perfect gift for that person who has e... Read More

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Calculating alcohol before, during & after the holidays Since the holiday season is here we have events and parties to go to and may want to have a drink.  Let’s make sure you are calculating the drink correctly if it is not part of yo... Read More

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