Pain is something which is experienced by each and every individual during their lifespan several times. Pain is in fact something very distressing. Due to pain being such a diverse and complex, it is hard to define pain. In medicine, pain is somethi... Read More

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How being a “Work-Week Dieter” can impact your fat loss progress Being a “Work-Week Dieter” can have a humongous effect on the amount (or lack thereof) of progress you’re able to produce in terms of fat loss. What this t... Read More

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10 macro-friendly road trip snacks Long car rides aren’t an excuse for sabotaging your diet. You can 100% stay on track while in “road trip mode”. Here are 10 macro-friendly road trip snacks to enjoy while you’re getting from ... Read More

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Doing vs. Thinking Balancing thought and action seems to be one of the most challenging thing for many people. When thinking of new projects, goals, etc., it is easy to get stuck thinking about what needs to be done instead of planning and doing. It... Read More

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This past weekend I celebrated 20 years of playing poker, once a month, with my closest girlfriends. (I’m in the center sitting on the lifeguard chair). I've written about my group before, check out: Stack the Cards in Your ... Read More

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To Bathe or Not to Bathe... Is a Walk-In Shower Right for You? Tub to shower conversions are being requested more and more among homeowners. From the natural aging process to those with mobility issues, walk-in showers can make your daily routine eas... Read More

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The Cheesy Animation 3D Rendering studio also renders brilliant services. Our customers send us messages determining their project necessities and discussing their professional concerns with the skilled interior designers and architects. No task is e... Read More

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This is one of my favorite lines.From one of my favorite songs.From one of my favorite lyricists.From one of my favorite soundtracks.From one of my favorite movies of all time. The song is Momentum by Aimee Mann.The soundtrack... Read More

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Getboards Ride Shop 40905 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, California 92315 (909) 878-3155 Sun-Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm, Sat 9:00am - 7:00pm Ski & Snowboard + Kayak, Bike & Paddle Board Rentals & Retail As a ded... Read More

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Five steps to getting back on track   There are times when we aren’t able to adhere perfectly to our nutrition and/or workout plan. When this occurs, it’s important to focus on getting back on track rather than dwelling over past mis... Read More

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