Do you remember the discomfort you felt last summer in (( ((blog.state))? When our sub-tropical climate brought us hot, sticky summer days and restless nights? If so, it’s time to start thinking about how you can change your ((blog.c... Read More

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Professional landscaping in Lakeway, TX can help you sell your real estate property in Lakeway, TX at a higher value than you would even imagine. In recent years, people have been improving the appearance of their homes seeking landscaping experts to... Read More

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And you know it.  You know you opened the barn door AND left it open…again. Something you said you would not do. Yet, there it is. Wide open.  Wait! I’m no farmer. You are probably not a farmer and neither am ... Read More

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Dangers of Undereating You May Not Know Too much or too little of anything is not a good thing. When it comes to dieting, BOTH undereating and overeating are not your friend when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain. Read on to find out more about wh... Read More

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Why you need to stop focusing on numbers during your fat loss journey: No one cares about your body fat % or your weight as much as you think they do. For example no one is looking at you on the beach saying “wow that girl must be 25% body fa... Read More

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6 steps to making a healthy lifestyle change: What many of us fail to realize is when we are trying to make a change in lifestyle you are going up against years of behavior and habits. Someone does not become overweight, diabetic, etc overnight so w... Read More

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It was Friday.It was 3:00 pmIt hit me.This was the end of my first week of my Month of May Clean Eating Challenge.  (Check out more on this here: {link})I am choosing not to eat dairy, wheat, sugar and to not drink coffee.Except it is Friday.I a... Read More

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5 Tips To Keep Your Cheat Meal In Check We’ve all been there. You have a nearly perfect week when it comes to hitting your macros and getting those workouts in. You feel great! However, when it comes time for your weekly cheat meal, you end up ... Read More

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Yes. I will be having a funeral on April 30th.This is no ordinary funeral, because I am, in fact, alive and kicking. But, for the month of May, I will be laying to rest my unhealthy eating habits. This was inspired by Dr. Kelly Brogan and her bo... Read More

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Laser Tattoo Removal: What to Know Nearly 30% of people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo. Almost half of all millennials have one. But not all of them are happy about their decision. As many as 25% of those with a tattoo say they regret getting i... Read More

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