3 thoughts that can sabotage your progress Unrealistic goal setting -Do not make goals that you cannot realistically reach. Set small goals that ARE realistic and attainable and if you don’t reach them then do not get upset or discouraged, we ... Read More

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The work you are meant to be doing in the world, your Soul’s Mission, is really the form of service you are meant to be providing.  A service is a solution to a problem.  Therefore, your Soul’s Mission is a solution to... Read More

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5 Smarter Alcohol Choices for Flexible Nutrition Summer is almost here and for many people this involves more festivities and celebrations that may very well involve drinking. In terms of tracking alcohol, make sure you are utilizing the methods that... Read More

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Prescription Pad Writing Software is a medical software which is unique in the way that it can ensure you 100% foolproof, userfriendly and economic in the market. A prescription is 100% customized and it would take even less than 2 minutes to complet... Read More

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5 sneaky high calorie foods and their substitutions When you are counting macros, especially when you are in a calorie deficit, it’s important to be wise regarding what foods and drinks you choose to incorporate into your daily intake. Macros a... Read More

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5 tips that will make flexible nutrition so much easier: So what is flexible nutrition? It is a way of eating that offers flexibility with the kind of foods you like! It makes it flexible enough that you can fit a piece of pizza in…as long as ... Read More

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5 High Protein Snack Ideas...that aren’t shakes or bars Protein shakes and protein bars are incredibly convenient and fairly balanced from a nutritional/macronutrient standpoint, which makes them a staple in the diet of people who count macros.... Read More

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Today, Lakeway’s visual landscape mainly consists of an interspersion of wide open grass and shrubs or trees. However, culture and social media have engrained the landscape in our minds; it remains ecologically exhausted to the extent that it requi... Read More

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5 Ways to not throw away progress on the weekends: First off we need to stop looking at the weekend as the “weekend” we need to treat Friday, Saturday, & Sunday as just another day.  You cannot be good Monday-Thursday and then be... Read More

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